Motorcycle Accidents – How Soon Should You See a Chiropractor?

Motorcycle riders are said to be at a greater risk for injuries during accidents. Motorcycles lack the protection of car doors and other barriers that can offer some degree of protection against injury. The motorcycle’s softer frame, narrow profile, and smaller mass make it more vulnerable to being crushed by an impact from another vehicle or obstacle. 

A motorcycle accident is a serious thing, and your chances of getting injured are much higher than if you were on the ground. In most instances, the motorcycle rider flies off of the motorcycle or skids with the motorcycle. This is unlike being inside a vehicle where the body is forced into a sudden stop by the seat belt and airbags. 

An injury from a motorcycle accident causes trauma to the body. Pain is not limited to the muscles, but also due to possible bone injuries like fractures, and even to joint pains. Painful injuries like scrapes, sprains and open wounds are expected and obvious. Underneath these pain, there are other possible injuries due to the motorcycle accident. That’s why it’s important to seek chiropractic care immediately after an accident so that you don’t have to worry about developing something long-term in the future.

Hip or Pelvic Misalignment

For those who have fallen on their hip or pelvic, it can be a cause for back pain. When that happens, the hip or pelvic may get misaligned. This will keep you off the road and unable to work. When the spine, hip or pelvis is misaligned, the rest of the body has to adjust to maintain balance. Additionally, misalignment causes undue stress and pressure on other parts of the body. 

The best way to prevent misalignment is by not getting into this position in the first place. If you do, remember to roll over one foot at a time off of your hip or pelvis so that it doesn’t get put under any unnecessary pressure. However, most people do not realize the misalignment because there is no pain directly caused by the hip or the pelvis. An unbalanced body can also lead to other pain. It is the nature of the body to try to align itself. When one side is lower than the other, the upper body would naturally lean towards the shorter side. However, this is not the case because the upper body would automatically correct itself, causing an unnatural body tilt to correct for posture. The body twists or tilts away from the shorter side. Besides muscle and joint pains, the misalignment can also affect internal organs by pressing on them from the wrong direction.

The gentle, specialized techniques used by the chiropractor can help you get back in alignment and feel better than ever. Chiropractors, when they use their skills to restore pelvic alignment through manipulative therapy, are sometimes the only option for women suffering from a variety of gynecological problems.


Whiplash is an issue faced by avid drivers and those victims of a motorcycle accident. It happens due to the forceful and back-and-forth motion experienced in many crashes, often upon impact. The rapid forward and back movement of the body forces the neck to snap back like the tip of a whip. This is a painful injury that may take up to two months to go away. A chiropractor can help with gentle adjustments realigning the neck, relieving the pain and leading to a speedy recovery.

Other Neck Injuries

Besides whiplash, individuals who get into a motorcycle accident may also suffer from misalignments or fractures on the neck’s vertebrae. Injuries to the spine can be some of the most serious injuries an individual might have following a motorcycle accident. The injury is often exacerbated by any existing pre-existing spinal conditions like osteoporosis or degenerative disc disease. A chiropractor can help you recover from this and restore your optimal range of motion using gentle chiropractic manipulative therapy, realigning your neck. They are skilled at relieving pain in the back with adjustments to get your spine aligned again so that you don’t have to deal with a painful condition for long.

Back Injury

The spine and its surrounding muscles are susceptible to injuries in motorcycle accidents, resulting in severe injuries like herniated discs and soft tissue injuries. Chiropractors can help with these issues by providing all-natural therapies such as intersegmental traction treatments or chiropractic manipulative therapy.

Chiropractors are more than just back doctors. They can help with medical issues such as herniated discs and soft tissue injuries. Chiropractic manipulative therapy is an all-natural remedy that can be provided to help those suffering from severe motorcyclist accidents.

Leg or Foot Injury

Injuries on the extremities are common in motorcycle accidents and can result in severe fractures, sprains, strains or road rash. In some cases of fractures, a fractured foot may cause undue stress on the body. It can also prevent a person from maintaining proper posture. A leg or foot injury may be due to a fracture, or to a would. Getting the body moving also takes a lot of patience and effort. Chiropractors can help by providing targeted massage therapy or hydromassage to eliminate pain and relieve tension.

Biker’s Arm

When bikers fall off of their bikes, they instinctively try to protect themselves by drawing their hands up in front of them. However, this can cause serious and sometimes permanent injury to the biker’s arm as it scrapes against the ground at high speeds. It is a little known injury, but it common among bikers.


After a motorcycle mishap, it is best to seek chiropractic care as soon as possible. This will help prevent any serious injury from happening and will restore your range of motion. Immediately doing it allows you to heal any soft tissue injury you may have gotten, restoring your range of motion—and preventing you from developing anything serious later on.

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