Success Stories
We value our patients' experience at O'Dell Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Success Stories From O'Dell Chiropractic

Joint Pain

“The first adjustment was rather painful but soon the adjustments improved and the pain in my arms and wrists (from tendonitis) decreased like magic. I almost never have any pain. It is absolutely wonderful.”

Don’t let money stand in your way of achieving physical happiness!
I first experienced low back pain when I was 15 yrs old, but still managed to become an excellent athlete in high school and in college, and even went on to a brief career in professional baseball. That low back pain/spasm, however, managed to catch up to me and prematurely ended my baseball career at age 22. For the next 8 years, I managed to live a fairly normal, active life, but could never ignore that periodic episode of back spasm, sometimes severe, several times a year.
After seeing 10 different doctors and going through dozens of physical therapy sessions, I finally got my Orthopedic doctor to recommend I have a Milogram to see if I had structural damage. Well, the Milo revealed I had a Herniated Disc and I had surgery at age 30. While the Dr. gave me no promises, I did have major relief almost immediately after surgery, but I still experienced episodes of low back spasms for the next 25 years, albeit not as frequent and not as severe. I also developed a neck condition that another Orthopedic described as severe arthritis. My neck symptoms were severe stiff necks that became more frequent and more severe.
I am now 56 years old. In the past 3 yrs, my ability to play golf or do anything remotely close to exercise was constantly hampered by low back pain/spasm, or neck stiffness, sometimes brought on my an exercise. Even yard work became an invitation for pain. I had seen my family doctor a few times over the past few years, but all I got was muscle relaxers, pain relievers and referrals for physical therapy. None of that gave me any lasting relief, so I thought I was destined to a very miserable future.
In January of 2001, I thought I would give O’Dell Family Chiropractic a chance to perform a “miracle” for me. Like most people, I initially rejected the notion of having to commit a fairly significant amount of money on something I wasn’t sure would work. But I had tried just about everything else, so I decided Chiropractic was my last resort. Little did I realize the significance of that decision!
My initial exam revealed Stage 4 Arthritis in my neck and Stage 3 Arthritis in my low back. Additionally, I came to realize I had very little curvature in both my neck and back. While this sounded demoralizing, I was encouraged to sign up for the program and promised I would benefit from regular adjustments. So, I placed my trust and faith in the hands of Drs. Jen and Bill for the next year.
After my first week of daily visits, I felt terrific already, but wondered if I would have to be adjusted daily for the rest of my life to feel good. My program developed into 3 times a week, then weekly by 6 months and I have been on a weekly program for the past 6 months. Now it’s time for my annual progress checkup, but I don’t need a check up to tell me how good I feel. I opened 2001 feeling physically defeated. I open 2002 feeling physically re-born. I went through looking forward to my adjustments to relive pain to looking forward to adjustments to avoid pain. I can honestly say I have not had a back or neck episode for 1 yr. There is no way it could be a coincidence that I have been under Chiropractic care the past year. I have been religious with my home stretching and exercise program, and have taken advantage of several informational classes offered by the office.
I have accepted the fact I have physical condition called Arthritis. I have also accepted the fact I have achieved physical happiness through Chiropractic. Oh, regarding the cost…I am worth it!

Dear Dr. O’Dell, Finally after months of procrastination I am writing my testimony of how chiropractic treatments have made a miraculous difference in my life and have helped my daughter as well.
For those reading this, my shortened life story is this: I herniated a disk in my lower back in 1983. The bulging disc was virtually eliminated through a chemical injection, and after years of physical therapy, various tests, MRI’s, and other such “High tech medical stuff” I had learned to live with the daily pain, taking inflammation pills and Tylenol when needed. And I was told never, NEVER go to a chiropractor, it was crackery of the inth degree.
In the fall of 1997 I hurt my back again playing with my daughter, or so I thought. The pain was so severe and affected my leg and lower back that I thought I had herniated another disc. After a month of agonizing pain and a week in the hospital I was told I had tore all the muscle tissue away from my right femur. An had contracted a rare form of arthritis known as Reiter’s Syndrome or Reactive Arthritis. I was on high doses of steroids and was taking inflammation pills three times a day as well as Tylenol. I had been doing this off and on for the last four years and was told I needed to take an antibiotic for at least a year since this form of arthritis is activated by any illnesses. That’s when I came to your office as a “last” resort in September of 2001.
After less than two months of treatment, I was off all steroids, taking the inflammation pills and Tylenol once or twice a day. After another month I stopped taking those regularly and only take them sporadically, mainly when I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. And even then after a few treatments, a few snaps, cracks and pops I don’t need to take them anymore, until the next time I do something I shouldn’t.
Now I tell everyone that I go to the “Crack-a-practors” and feel great and my wife has commented numerous times that she “absolutely hated” it when I took steroids as it changed my personality, much like Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde. She is very grateful that my physical ailments have greatly improved.’
My daughter has also been helped immensely from receiving treatments. Before coming she complained constantly of headaches and neck aches. Her x-rays showed her with an almost opposite of normal curve in her neck and lower back. With treatment her headaches have almost disappeared. Her x-rays show a marked improvement in her lower back curve and in time I’m sure her neck will return to normal as well. Thank you and your staff so much for your concern for our health and well being. I only wish I had NOT listened to the nay Sayers 19 years ago and went to the “crack-a-practor” then. I’m praying that we will find another group of “crack-a-practors” like you all in our new home in Ohio. God bless all of you,

Headaches & Migraines

I suffered from migraines about four times per week and had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. Since beginning adjustments, tension and pain have decreased dramatically in my neck and back. In addition, I have only had two migraines in the two months since I began getting chiropractic care. My husband and I have also found that we need less sleep and sleep more soundly. I take so much less medicine than I used to that I am saving about $100 a month. My posture is straightening up so that I won’t have a “dowager hump” like my mom when I’m fifty. God is so amazing. He created our bodies to renew themselves and function naturally for our entire lives. I see that chiropractic care does not try to circumvent God by treating symptoms, but that instead it simply removes the interference that subluxations cause. God can then heal our bodies using the natural healing process.
“Chiropractic has changed my life for the better. I used to suffer from terrible migraines that would end up with me having to miss time from work. The frequency of my migraines has gone down considerably and when I do get them, they are not nearly as bad. I used to wake up with a headache almost every morning; I no longer wake up with headaches. I had terrible seasonal allergies. This has also improved. I don’t get nearly as sick as I used to. I have also found that I catch fewer colds and in general get sick less often. I now look forward to getting adjusted. It gives me a boost of energy and I always feel better after an adjustment.” “Thank you all!”
“I had low back pain every day for years…I had just gotten used to being in pain. Although I do still have pain, it has improved greatly and I have “pain-free” days! My migraines have decreased, too!” “I thank God for using the doctors here to help me and my family to feel better!”
“When I saw the people from Dr. O’Dell’s office at the Lilac Festival, I received a free stress test. Everything was out of alignment. My neck had a 60% loss of curve, causing migraines and blurry vision periodically. I also suffered from back pains at night and carpal tunnel. Since my adjustments, I haven’t had the migraines. With my body being adjusted to the way God intended, the power is on-true healing power.”
When I started coming to see Dr. O’Dell and Dr. Bill, I was having constant migraine type headaches. After receiving adjustments for just over a month, my headaches have completely disappeared. Thank you Dr. Bill and Dr. O’Dell, for giving me the “headache free” life I never thought I’d have. God bless you both!
When I first visited I was suffering from severe neck pain which would begin at any time with spasms and very limited movement. I started with “emergency” treatments, then moved to series of treatments after each episode. I was finally urged to have regular maintenance which as eliminated the emergencies. Thanks!


I had chronic pain in my lower right back for many years with regular “attacks” of excruciating pain which reached down into my hip and leg. Since beginning treatment about 8 months ago, there has been a dramatic improvement, physically and mentally. I know that I don’t have to wonder when my next “attack” will be because I know that I am healing and will continue to heal. It’s great waking up in the morning and stretching without a twinge of pain. I work out in a gym 4 times a week and have never felt better. My son is a chiropractor practicing in another state and it was with his encouragement that I started treatment. He has followed my progress and examined me and is very pleased at the results so far. I feel strong, healthy and powerful and plan on being a member of the O’Dell “family” for life. Thanks go all of the doctors! p.s. I swear that my hemorrhoids are getting better too!
“Chronic back pain due to bulging discs with acute episodes of severe pain over 20 years. No permanent relief with medication and physical therapy. Since coming here, the acute attacks are gone and the chronic pain is greatly reduced”. “Thanks for all the support all of you have given me over the past years”.
“My experience with this office has been wonderful. Your staff is very friendly and professional. My reason for coming was due to severe low back pain. Through tests performed by your staff, I found out my spine was very damaged and getting worse. I have learned more from this office concerning subluxation and healing than I have anywhere else. The pain in my back is now bearable. I am able to sit back and walk straight. The largest improvement is I am able to lay on my back now.” “I know God sent us to this office. I appreciate the Christian environment.”
“I was referred by a friend from work. I had been having neck and shoulder pain for probably 8-10 years, which I had attributed to stress. After hearing how much better he felt, I decided to come see what you guys could do for me. My neck and shoulder pain is just about gone! I used to wake up feeling “crooked” every morning. The pain was so intense; it interfered with life, work and home. I thought this was something I was going to have to live with and deal with the best I could. Not anymore.” “I want to say thank you for making me feel ‘straight again’.”
My lower back has for the past ten years given me problems. Since coming here the problem of lower back pain has been virtually non-existent. With treatment and the exercises I’ve been given, my back has never been better. My right leg also had been experiencing some pain before coming here. I feel it is starting to get better. I hope in the end it responds as well as my back has.” “I hold the doctors and staff at O’Dell in the highest regard. They are all wonderful! Thank you for everything.” “Thanks in a big way!”
I am so grateful to God, Dr. O’Dell and Dr. Bill, Ellie, Kate and everyone at O’Dell Chiropractic. I am a new person because of the care I have received here. I had a fall as a young child on my tail bone. I was in a car accident 9 years ago. I have a flareup 4 years ago with the real bad neck pain. At the other chiropractic on Titus I received care for a month. That helped, but little did I know about 5 years later I would feel so unhealthy, really about 20 years older (or 20 years sicker) than I really was and feeling more unhealthy every day. I was listening to the radio at work and kept hearing about Dr. O’Dell. After about 10 times of hearing the radio announcement I had a bell go off in my head that said maybe I had problems with my back, so I came in the next week and found out my neck and back was all messed up, stage II degeneration. (8 subluxations, bone spurs) My medical doctor told me I had carpal tunnel and wanted to take me out of work. Dr. O’Dell just adjusted the subluxations in my hands and I was instantly pain free, and kept working! I know my neck and back were healed by God and Dr. O’Dell, Dr. Bill. I am now pain free and have my good health back because of God. I am so grateful that my disease has been reversed and I can live again, PAIN FREE. My sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone here and especially to God.
When I initially came to Dr. O’Dell’s, it was for low back strain. Upon my first visit and set of x-rays, it was determined that I had a phase II condition along with a 20 lb. weight variance from my right side versus my left side. Along with this I was unable to ride in cars for any length of time due to low back pain or engage in any physical activities. Now 5 months later, I am pleased to report that my weight variance is almost back to zero, I am able to participate in physical activities and am living in a “pain free” state. Most medical care givers only treat the symptoms from pain. At doctor O’Dell’s they eliminated the pain thru medicine. Successfully realigned the spine as God originally intended it to be and restored my life back to me.
I have had back pain for over 15 years and been seen by Physicians and other Chiropractors. The pain was easily removed by the chiropractor in 3 visits or less but no permanent cure ever mentioned. After my second visit to Dr. O’Dell I a positive attitude towards permanent fix was discussed. This is the first time anyone has expressed that sentiment. I am highly encouraged by his progress and possible repair of the damage to my back. Thanks again for taking my case!
When I first came to O’Dell chiropractic I was experiencing massive pain to my sciatic nerve in my back and as a courier, that made my job extremely difficult. I was always edgy and the pain would travel down my left side through my leg, into my foot, sometimes to the point that it was difficult to walk or even sit for any length of time. My family doctor couldn’t find anything wrong and proceeded to tell me nothing was wrong. When Dr. O’Dell saw my x-rays and showed me all the problems with my spine and someone finally understood the pain I was feeling and gave me a way to get rid of it. If it was not for Dr. O’Dell and his staff I probably would have lost my job and a lot of mobility. Dr. O’Dell is a God send and my thanks and my wife’s thanks are with everyone. My pain has been relieved and my energy has increased such that everyday feels brand new. Thanks Dr. O’Dell and staff.

General Health

I can now touch my toes without pain. I am not taking anymore pain medication from my MD. I was taking 3 types of pain muscle relaxers. I am more mobile than I have ever been. I also am able to walk a longer distance without pain.
“I entered with problems from a hurting hip and lower back, breathing problems, allergies and asthma. My neck was snapping when it was turned. From having treatments, my neck doesn’t snap, my allergies and asthma are almost nonexistent. My lower back is better but my hip still gives me problems. I have stopped taking allergy medicines. At night I always had to take something to help me breathe. I have been doing exercises and they help with my hip and back.” “Everyone is very kind and thoughtful.”
“Initial symptoms were spinal misalignment, head leaned forward too much, shoulder/neck/back pain from prolonged use of computers.” “Within a few weeks, I could lean back with my head against the headrest while driving. I noticed that while running, walking, hiking, etc., my posture and form were better. I can run more consistently and my form held up better in the later stages of 5-K races compared to that before receiving chiropractic care. Improvement has been very noticeable. In four months, I could stretch my neck and back while shampooing in the shower. Before treatment, I could not do that.” “Chiropractic care has also lessened the frequency, intensity and duration of tension/migraine headaches. This relief is very important to me as a CPA/comptroller. I use computers a lot in my work and am prone to eye strain as well as tightness in the back, neck and shoulder areas. Chiropractic care has relieved the pain in all of these areas.”
“I came to this office via invitation from an employer benefits fair. I like many was a skeptic. But the pain and tingling I was experiencing in my shoulder blades and down my left arm drove me to action. I was pleasantly surprised although I felt some discomfort. I felt no pain after my adjustment. It’s been several months and I have no pain or tingling in my shoulders or down my arm. I’ve seen my x-rays and was blown away by my progress. It’s hard to believe that something that takes so little time can accomplish so much. I’m convinced and pain-free!” “I adore Dr. Scott. He is charming, friendly and warm. Coming to the office is like visiting friends. Teresa is also quite the dear heart. If it weren’t for there winsome ways, I would have sought care from another provider closer to my work and/or residence. Kudos to a great team!”
“I am a victim of subluxation resulting in restrictions in my movement, muscle tension and nerve pain. No doubt, I have found a solution to the physical problem. The progress is slow and gradual, but it is moving in the right direction. Because of the adjustments and daily stretching, I have noticed less restrictions, less muscle tension, etc.” “Keep up the good work!”
“My immune system was weak. After my first visit I caught a slight cold and it was gone in three days instead of weeks. My chronic pain in my mid back was relieved immediately by being ‘unsubluxated’. The power worked instantly for me.” “Thank God for Dr. O’Dell.”
I am 6 years old and my pediatrician never diagnosed me with a curve in my spine and Dr. O’Dell found it. My back feels good now and I always look forward to coming to Dr. O’Dell’s office for an adjustment. Now I am a Chiro-kid.
After a wonderful, busy holiday away from home, I returned home with one very congested sinus. My next adjustment cleared the sinus completely! Amazing! I began chiropractic care between ski seasons. When I returned to the slopes this season I noticed a major improvement in how my lower body was working under my head and shoulders. As a professional skier I can really recognize and appreciate what chiropractic care has done for me. We are all very fortunate that God has seen fit to give people like Dr. O’Dell and Dr. Blanchard the talent and caring enabling them to improve the quality of our lives.
At work one day I was complaining about the pain in my neck and back. My supervisor overheard me and suggested I go to Dr. O’Dell. I made an appointment and found out I have vertical subluxation. The first handful of adjustments were painful because I allowed my body to get so out of alignment. I can say now I can do anything without pain and I am feeling quite well. I also realized I can now eat things (fruit & vegetables) that I could not eat in the past because of allergies. I would like to take the time to thank all at Dr. O’Dell’s office for their kindness. It is a pleasure to see you all at least once a week. (What will I do when I only have to come once a month?)
I returned to Dr. O’Dell’s office after an absence of a few years. My complains were the usual…neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, back pain; only now all these problems were more intense than ever due to neglect. I was a little discouraged at first to realize the state of decline I was in. However, praise the Lord, after a month of adjustments by Dr. Bill & Dr. Jen, I am feeling physically stronger. I am hopeful and encouraged that each visit will help me continue on the road to better health. Dr. O’Dell’s office staff is so kind, considerate and more than willing to be of service to the patients. They truly make you feel like family and play a role in your overall well being. Thank you to each one!
The chiropractic experience has been beneficial for me. My immune system has become much stronger. I work with young children and have only had one cold. The adjustments helped me recover in one week instead of two. My posture and stamina have greatly improved. I hold my stress in my neck and shoulder. The adjustments have helped with stress reduction.
I look forward to my adjustments and do not let my business interfere. I feel great after my visits and my days which I have lower back pain have been greatly reduced. Also, I have not had a cold since coming to O’Dell Chiropractic on a regular basis. I would recommend to those who are not sure about chiropractic to give it a try. You’ll love the way you feel.
When I first came to Dr. O’Dell several years ago, it was as a last resort. I had been experiencing extreme fatigue and nausea for a few years since having major surgery. I had had various blood tests and my doctor could find nothing wrong with me. It had gotten progressively worse, starting off with absolutely no energy a few days at a time. It progressed to occurring five days per month to every other week. I had spent twelve days on the couch totally fatigued and was talking to my sister when she told me she felt so energized after having a chiropractic treatment. I immediately made an appointment thinking maybe that was what I needed. Dr. O’Dell said my back problem was probably due to a childhood injury. I received back adjustments three days per week, then two and now I go once per month to maintain my restoration. I feel Dr. O’Dell gave me back my life. I no longer have those symptoms. I was recently in a car accident and experienced back pain due to whiplash and chest pain. Again, I am having adjustments and was surprised how much better I felt after the first one. I feel it truly is a miracle how Dr. O’Dell has helped me. Years ago we never heard about chiropractors or thought of going to one. I hate to think of what my life would be like now without them.

Fatigue / Sleeplessness

I was unable to sleep due to sciatica. Within the first month, I was able to get a restful sleep which in-turn affected my whole outlook on life. I had more energy, more concentration, less stress and less need for mild pain medication. My energy continues to increase and my spirits are high!
“I was tired all the time and my body ached, but mostly in my shoulders and back. Since coming to O’Dell’s, I have more energy and I have not had any headaches in a year and a half. I have learned how my spinal column controls the health of my body. I have also a much healthier outlook on life. My visits to my primary care doctor have lessened because I am healthier and feel more alive since coming to O’Dell. I recommend it to everyone for a happier life.” “Thank you to the Family of O’Dell Chiropractic for their care and love in my life. You are great.”
“When I first came here I was having lower back pain. I was experiencing the pain for approximately six years. Since I have been coming my lower back pain is not there anymore. I’m sleeping better, standing for long periods of time and I am able to lift and carry my daughter. That was my biggest concern and encouraged me to start coming. I feel healthier, more energetic and alive.” “Thank you O’Dell’s! You have helped me feel better everyday since I started coming and I feel that I’ve made some great friends.”
I had gone to another chiropractor before the O’Dell Family Chiropractic Center complaining of neck pain, insomnia (chronic) and chronic sinus problems. After just a few visits with Dr. O’Dell, Dr. Jen and Dr. B., I had a significant decrease in my insomnia, neck pain and sinusitis. My visits also helped in recuperating after gall bladder surgery- I strongly recommend the O’Dell Chiropractic Center to anyone hoping to increase and improve their overall health.
I started coming to Dr. O’Dell in February of 1995. I had hurt my back at work. I couldn’t walk, sit, sleep or stand. A friend told me about Dr. O’Dell so I went to see him. I actually saw Dr. Jim Haley at first. In the past 5 years, Dr. Jim, Dr. George, Dr. Bill and of course Dr. Norman O’Dell have kept me walking. There has been times when I couldn’t walk in the office without help but never had a problem walking out. I believe that if I never had come to the office, I probably would either not be walking or would have had back surgery. I feel I owe Dr. O’Dell and his entire staff a world of thanks for what they’ve done for me. I’ve referred quite a few people and plan on referring a lot more.

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