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If you suffer from the characteristic jaw pain and other symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJD, your first instinct might be to schedule an appointment with your dentist — but you also need to get an examination from our chiropractor here at O’Dell Family Chiropractic. This form of joint disorder, like so many others, can be worsened or perpetuated by a cervical spinal misalignment. Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Norman O’Dell, can evaluate your cervical alignment and make precise adjustments that help you overcome this painful chronic ailment once and for all.

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is one of the most complex and versatile of all the body’s many joints — which also makes it unusually prone to problems. This joint connect the skull’s temporal bone to the lower jaw, or mandible, via a socket and muscles that enable it to move in multiple directions for chewing and speaking. The TMJ can be damaged or stressed by everything from habitual gum chewing or tooth grinding (bruxism) or a blow to the side of the head; it can also be the result of osteoarthritis. the common common symptoms are jaw pain, stiffness, and a clicking or popping noise when you lower the jaw. But you may also experience pain in the neck, face, teeth, shoulders or head, as well as difficulty swallowing earaches and tinnitus. This wide range of symptoms is collectively known as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJD, and it can seriously inhibit your quality of life.

TMJD Care for Webster, Rochester, Henrietta, and Brighton, NY

Your dentist may recommend TMJD treatments ranging from a night guard to prevent tooth grinding and stress reduction practices to dental procedures for a misaligned bite. But it’s important to note that if the cervical alignment between the neck and the beck is off balance, perpetuating joint and muscle stress, even the best dental care may fail to provide the intended benefits. That’s why both the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation recommends that TMJD sufferers receive a thorough cervical examination from a chiropractor, whether they’re experiencing neck pain or not. Our chiropractor is happy to provide these examinations for Rochester, Henrietta, Webster and Brighton NY residents who suffer from TMJD. We can work closely with your dental practitioner to co-manage your symptoms and help you get the most good out of your treatment.

Our chiropractor will administer x-rays and other diagnostic techniques to get a clear idea of the relationship between your TMJD symptoms and any abnormalities in your cervical spinal alignment. Gentle spinal adjustments, performed with the utmost care, can correct your cervical alignment, improving the balance of your skull, neck and jaw. We may also prescribe exercises to help you improve strength and mobility in your neck, head and jaw muscles, along with other natural, non-invasive techniques for treating and preventing tissue soreness and tension.

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