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If you’re suffering from chronic pain due to an injury or underlying condition, our Rochester chiropractor here at O’Dell Family Chiropractic may be able to help. Our two area offices have an innovative machine known as a Power Vibe machine, which provides whole body vibration therapy to help you find natural, non-invasive, and holistic relief from your ongoing aches and pains.

How the Power Vibe Machine Works

Ever since the 1960s, vibration has been used as a therapy for reversing muscle loss and achieving a number of other health benefits. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that the full benefits of whole body vibration therapy were truly unlocked with the creation of the state-of-the-art Power Vibe. This machine is a carefully crafted, vibrating platform that applies high-speed vibrations to specific areas of the body, allowing our chiropractic team to pinpoint sources of pain. This quick, painless, and effective treatment is especially effective in conjunction with other chiropractic therapies, working to boost your health and wellness while relieving pain.

Specifically, when you have an appointment for whole body vibration therapy, our chiropractor will guide you on how to use the Power Vibe. This may involve standing on the platform, lying against it, or even placing specific extremities against it. Your specific use of the platform will vary based on your symptoms and pain points, as our chiropractic team always takes a patient-centered approach to provide unique, custom treatment for the best results.

How the Power Vibe Machine Can Help You Find Relief From Pain

Okay, so you understand the logistics of how the Power Vibe works, but how does it help you with your pain? The main way whole body vibration helps to relieve pain in targeted areas of the body is by promoting better oxygen and blood circulation. This is because vibration encourages the capillaries to dilate, thus allowing for greater blood flow. In turn, this helps your body speed up its own natural healing processes while also getting rid of wastes and substances that are known to cause pain and inflammation. All of this occurs without the need for invasive procedures or medications!

Power Vibe conveys a number of distinct benefits, including:

  • Muscle building – Muscles (even tiny, lesser-used muscles that rarely receive a proper workout) respond to the vibration by contracting. This allows you to build muscle strength simply by applying the treatment area to the platform.
  • Circulation enhancement – Whole body vibration encourages the capillaries to dilate. This increase in blood flow efficiency enables the tissues to expel inflammatory substances and metabolic wastes that can cause aches and pains — while also delivering much-needed oxygen for the healing process.
  • Stability training – We sometimes prescribe Power Vibe to new mothers who need to regain strength and stability in their pelvic ligaments. The strengthening of the body’s other balancing muscles can also help anyone who needs to improve their musculoskeletal balance and support.
  • Bone density preservation – Bone responds to pressure to creating a steady supply of new bone cells, which is one reason walking is so good for preserving bone density. Power Vibe achieves the same effect while you’re standing in place, making it an effective wellness tool for warding off osteoporosis.
  • Metabolism and energy boosting – The tiny but frequent muscle contractions facilitated by Power Vibe help you burn fat, tone the skin and enjoy a renewed sense of energy and alertness.

Additional Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Aside from pain relief, there are a number of other possible benefits you can enjoy from whole body vibration with the Power Vibe. For example, did you know that whole body vibration can be used to help build muscle, preserve bone density, and even improve musculoskeletal stability? Furthermore, many of our patients report that they enjoy higher energy levels after a whole body vibration session in our office. In some cases, a metabolism boost can even be associated with regular use of the Power Vibe.

You have a lot to gain from whole body vibration, especially if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain. Find the relief you’ve been looking for with the Power Vibe machine and help from our experienced chiropractors.

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If you’d like to see if you’re a good candidate for whole body vibration with the Power Vibe, contact our Webster chiropractic team at 585-671-9210 today. Give O’Dell Family Chiropractic a call at either of our locations to get started. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with our new patient special!



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