Carpal Tunnel FAQs

If you are looking for non-surgical carpal tunnel treatments in Rochester and Webster, look no further than O’Dell family Chiropractic. Our chiropractor can answer all of your questions and provide you with natural treatment options.

1. What are symptoms of carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel causes pain, numbness in the first four fingers and thumb, muscle weakness in the hand and difficulty gripping objects and using items like forks and knives or anything that requires fine motor control.

2. What are the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive motion injury of the wrist. The name of the ailment refers to the tunnel that the median nerve travels through to reach the hand. Inflammation of the median nerve through overuse of the hand, wrist and forearm or a narrowing of the carpal tunnel can cause the syndrome. Carpal tunnel occurs most often in individuals who use their hands to perform work that requires fine motor control, including computer operators, plumbers, and electricians.

3. How can chiropractic care provide pain management for my carpal tunnel?

The goal of chiropractic care is to lower inflammation of the median nerve and potentially give the nerve more room in order to provide you with pain management. Manual extremity joint adjustments can reduce carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms by ensuring the bones in the wrist are properly aligned. This helps reduce inflammation and pain. Our chiropractor may also recommend other treatment options like bracing and certain activities to avoid while you are healing.

4. How can I make an appointment with your chiropractor, Dr. O’Dell?

Our chiropractor, Dr. O’Dell, offers two locations. Our first location is in Webster, NY at 853 Ridge Rd. Our second location is in Rochester at 144 Metro Park and serves the Henrietta/Brighton area as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and communities. You can schedule an appointment at either location by calling us at 585-671-9210.  When you call, ask about our new patient specials.



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