Our Webster & Rochester Chiropractor Explains the Causes of Back Pain

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Here at O’Dell Family Chiropractic in Webster and Rochester we offer safe and natural back pain relief. Through chiropractic care you can end your back pain for good. Before you begin your pain relief program at your chiropractor here is some information regarding the causes of treatments of back pain.

What are Some Common Causes of Back Pain?

When you experience back pain you want to find out what caused it so you can avoid having this happen ever again. Sometimes this can be as easily as identifying the activity you were doing when your pain started. For example, you may have been involved in an auto accident that lead to severe back pain. Other times your back pain will develop over a long period of time making it more difficult to identify the exact cause. For instance, if you have been sitting at your computer desk and using your computer keyboard for years, all while ignoring proper ergonomics, this can lead to long term back pain. Other reasons that people have back pain include lifting heavy objects without protecting the back, advancing in pregnancy, and standing for long periods of time on hard ground. Additionally, if you have weak back muscles or core muscles this can also lead to a weak back that is more prone to pain.

What are the Most Effective Ways for Treating Back Pain with My Chiropractor in Webster?

As your chiropractor in Webster and Rochester we use chiropractic adjustments to begin your back’s healing process. By realigning your spine and vertebrae we are able to position your back in the proper place. This alleviates inflammation, swelling, and other indicators of back problems. Through spinal manipulations along with massage therapy we are able to alleviate back pain. 

Find a Chiropractor in Rochester or Webster to Help You

If you are ready to move forward with a future free of back pain we want to be your chiropractor in Rochester. Contact Dr. O’Dell at O’Dell Family Chiropractic to schedule an appointment for treating your back pain. We will use our holistic approach and safe techniques to bring your back pain to a halt. Call us today at 585-671-9210 for our Webster location or 585-671-9210 to reach the Rochester location!



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