Chiropractic Care in Rochester

Residents of Rochester and nearby communities, don’t manage your pain by ignoring it or by resorting to side-effect laden pain medicines. There is a much better and healthier, natural alternative right here in your neighborhood. It’s natural chiropractic care. At O’Dell Family Chiropractic, we use proven-effective, hands-on treatment to banish back pain, neck pain and even pain from whiplash due to an auto accident.

Our Chiropractic Biophysics Technique for Pain Relief

Our commitment is to help you achieve, not just pain control, but whole-body wellness, using an evidence-based biophysics method. We take x-rays before beginning treatment to confirm our diagnosis and plan your customized treatment to achieve ideal postural alignment. When treatment is completed, you’ll be able to feel the difference, but also see the difference, as we compare before and after x-ray images. 

Your chiropractor at O’Dell Family Chiropractic works to eliminate your pain in the most effective manner for the quickest possible results and results that last. To ensure your body becomes stronger and pain free for the long term, our treatment plan emphasizes postural correction and spinal reintegration. Our holistic treatment will bring your spine, along with your muscles and neurological system, into close coordination. 

Holistic Pain Management from Our Rochester Chiropractor

We help you achieve strength and wellness through a personalized combination of techniques, which may include:

  • Spinal manipulation: Through spinal adjustment, our chiropractor realigns your spinal vertebrae to relieve pressure so that pain is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Therapeutic exercise: We can teach your exercise and specific stretching methods to reduce your pain at home or anytime you cannot come to the chiropractor.
  • Massage: We use a variety of techniques to relax muscles and prevent painful spasms.
  • Physical therapy: Helps to improve coordination and flexibility.
  • Lifestyle guidance: We can identify relatively small behavioral changes that will make a big difference in your symptoms, helping to reduce severity and frequency. We can help you develop new, healthy habits.

If you’ve been interested in exploring holistic treatment to achieve natural, long-lasting pain relief, now in an excellent time. New patients receive a $27 Initial Evaluation, excluding insurance. Contact us at O’Dell Chiropractic in Rochester. 



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