10 Amazing Benefits of Chiropractic Massage

10 Amazing Benefits of Chiropractic Massage - Norman O'Dell

Chiropractic massage is a hands-on treatment that can help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and range of motion. It also helps alleviate pain. However, these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg for those who receive chiropractic care. Learn about the amazing benefits of chiropractic massage and why consider this treatment for your pain and discomfort.

What is chiropractic massage, and what are the benefits?

back being adjusted by chiro

A chiropractic massage is often conducted by a certified doctor of chiropractic or occasionally another massage therapist. It typically combines various forms of touch to help relieve muscle tightness and pain and improve joint mobility.

The benefits include increased circulation, relief from muscular tension, improved range of motion, and decreased pain levels. The result is greater flexibility and an overall feeling of relaxation that can last for hours after the treatment has been completed.

Chiropractic massage is ideal for people who suffer from back or neck pain, headaches, and tightness in the shoulders. It is also beneficial for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica that may interfere with their mobility.

Many people turn to chiropractic massage when they are experiencing discomfort due to repetitive motions at work. This type of treatment can help reduce muscular tension caused by sitting too long without taking a break or lifting heavy objects improperly.

Medical professionals recommend that patients who suffer from high blood pressure talk to their doctor about massage therapy. The treatment can be beneficial for those with high blood pressure caused by tight muscles in the neck and upper back and anxiety or stress.

The benefits of chiropractic massage are numerous, which is why it has been used for centuries to improve overall health and reduce pain levels. If you’re considering trying this type of treatment, discuss your needs with a licensed doctor of chiropractic like Dr. Norman O’Dell of O’Dell Family Chiropractic in Rochester or Webster, NY, today. You can also check out this website odellfamilychiro.com to give you a thorough understanding of how this holistic healing procedure can be beneficial for your health and well-being.

What are some common treatments?

A chiropractor will work with patients to determine their needs before determining what type of treatment they might need to get lasting results for their condition(s). For example, some people may only require one visit, while others may opt for multiple sessions.

A chiropractor may recommend a few different treatments, including spinal manipulative therapy or manual adjustment; warm water massage therapy that uses cups as well as soothing oils; gentle stretching exercises; nutrition counseling — such as eating more fruits and vegetables because some clinicians believe these to help reduce inflammation.

  • Treatment for low back pain 

Chiropractic treatment can help reduce any inflammation in the joint area, which helps to increase mobility and decrease discomfort.

  • Treatment for headaches 

Chiropractic treatment is often recommended to alleviate or even eliminate the pain associated with chronic headaches.

  • Stretching Exercises 

To improve flexibility, a chiropractor will work with patients to determine their needs before determining what type of treatment they might need to get lasting results.

  • Nutrition Counseling 

The intake of nutritious foods can sometimes be enough on its own to improve blood pressure levels. However, suppose this is not the case, a licensed doctor of chiropractic will recommend a plan of action that might include making dietary changes, adding supplements or vitamins to the diet, and using exercises designed for hypertension relief.

Why is chiropractic care very effective?

back being adjusted by chiro

Chiropractic care is an effective alternative treatment for various ailments and discomforts as it is focused on the nervous system.

It is an effective treatment for headaches, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis of joints and muscles, and injuries due to sporting activities or accidents at home or work sites.

The chiropractor adjusts the spine by manually manipulating it according to his judgment about its alignment with a gentle twisting motion that affects all vertebrae from the topmost cervical region (neck) down through the last lumbar bone (lower back).

Chiropractic therapy also includes other manual therapies such as massage therapy which relaxes tense muscle spasms while improving the range of movement around affected joint areas using passive deep tissue techniques like kneading, effleurage, and petrissage.

Some chiropractors also use electrotherapy to promote healing by administering electrical stimulation or applying ice compression on the affected area. They may also prescribe a nutritional program and exercises for rehabilitation from injury or surgery recovery and provide advice about ergonomics in the workplace and home environment that will ease discomfort while recuperating. 

In addition, they can help you get back into exercise with customized stretching routines to start strengthening muscles again after an illness or accident has left them weakened.

The benefits of this treatment are not limited only to relief from pain. Still, it is also beneficial in preventing further injuries since incidents involving trauma are one of its major causes, so through regular treatments, you can avoid such incidents.

Since chiropractors have intensive training in neuro-musculoskeletal problems, they are well equipped to assess and provide treatment for various ailments from headaches, back pain, or neck aches. 

So by visiting your chiropractor regularly, you can avoid the need for expensive surgery in the future as it has been shown that regular treatments with this therapy prevent further injury.

Practical Benefits:

Regular visits will help maintain good spinal health, which results in better balance and posture. It can also provide less muscle fatigue due to improved nerve function (especially after intense exercise), greater range of motion around joint areas through improved tissue elasticity thanks to enhanced blood circulation in those sections. 

You also experience reduced soreness following long hours sitting on hard surfaces because hip flexors have been stretched and shortened to maintain a better posture.

Chiropractic massage can also help relieve congestion in the neck, shoulder, or hip area and reduce headaches due to improved blood circulation at these locations. 

It is even beneficial for those with asthma because it improves lung capacity through deep relaxation of muscle tissues around your rib cage that may otherwise tense up from chronic coughing episodes, so go ahead and schedule an appointment today.

Benefits of Chiropractic:

  1. Improvement of spinal health
  2. Reduction in pain (especially post-work-related)
  3. Enhanced range of motion and flexibility
  4. Strengthening muscles after illness or injury takes place via exercise routines provided by chiropractor’s staff members
  5. Prevention of further injury via regular treatments
  6. It can improve posture.
  7. It improves mood, reduces anxiety and depression.
  8. It’s a safe alternative to medication and surgery.
  9. It decreases inflammation in the body.
  10. Relief from chronic coughing episodes and asthma through deep relaxation of muscle tissues around rib cage (in addition to this, chiropractic massage can also provide relief for those who suffer from migraines)

Suppose you’re one of the many people suffering from neck or back pain, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other physical ailments. In that case, it might be time to visit your local chiropractor.

How to find the right chiropractor for your pain and discomfort?

back being adjusted by chiro with diagram overlay

Here are some steps you can take to find the right chiropractor for your pain and discomfort.

First, think about what type of care you need – a massage? A spinal adjustment? Chiropractic medicine? If it’s any of the three, there is a way to get relief from just that one visit with one doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Do I have to make an appointment, or do they accept walk-ins?
  • How much does treatment cost without insurance coverage?
  • What should I wear when coming in for a visit so I’m comfy and look presentable while getting treated?
  • How long does the treatment last?
  • What types of payment methods are accepted?
  • What is a chiropractic adjustment, and how often do I need to come in for one?
  • How much pain relief can I expect from an adjustment or massage session with a doctor if it’s my first time getting treated by this type of practitioner?
  • Does insurance cover visits to see these types of doctors?

These are some of the common questions patients ask when they’re trying to find a chiropractor.

What conditions can chiropractic care provide relief with?

neck being adjusted by chiro

Chiropractic care providers relief to various conditions, including;

  • Muscle tightness in the neck, back, and joints.
  • It can also relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Reduce anxiety levels.
  • Improve sleep quality by reducing stress hormone production at night time.
  • Provide relief for menstrual cramps or menopause symptoms like hot flashes or mood swings
  • Tingling and numbness in the arms or legs.
  • Provide relief for pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Relieve chronic low back pain due to a herniated disc by restoring normal spinal alignment.
  • Improve the quality of life with persistent abdominal discomfort like stomach aches, bloating, gas and constipation, or diarrhea caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), sometimes called spastic colon.

How does chiropractic treatment work?

A typical course of care includes spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), regular massage sessions, nutritional counseling, lifestyle modification advice to reduce stress from your life, as well as exercise recommendations if needed to strengthen muscles around the area where you feel pain or discomfort due to an injury sustained elsewhere on your body such as your neck, back or extremities.

Different types of treatments chiropractors offer

-Adjustments or manipulations: Chiropractors use their hands to apply gentle yet firm pressure on your spinal column to move any misaligned vertebrae that could be causing the pain.

Massage therapy: A chiropractor can work directly on tight muscles and knots, and other areas of tension, which is helpful for people who are experiencing neck tension from sitting at the computer all day long or backaches. 

The massage therapist may also recommend using essential oils like lavender oil. It has been shown to help decrease anxiety levels and improve sleep quality by reducing stress hormone production at night time after stressful events.

Nutritional counseling: When you visit with a nutritionist, they will ask you about your diet and lifestyle to see if any areas need improvement.

Stretching: It is important to stretch for at least five minutes a day to improve the flexibility of the muscles all over your body, especially those around joints like your neck or shoulders.

Exercise recommendations: When an injury occurs due to other parts of our bodies, such as we may have strained our back while playing tennis, chiropractors recommend different exercises depending on what type of pain relief treatment they prescribe us. 

For example, stretching exercises will help relieve muscle tightness in the neck, whereas strengthening exercises would be more helpful for someone who has injured their lower back when walking upstairs too quickly without taking time to stretch.

Who is eligible for chiropractic massage?

Everyone. People of all ages and medical conditions can benefit from chiropractic massage, including pregnant women, athletes with sports injuries, or chronic pain sufferers. In addition, chiropractic massage is a drug-free, non-invasive alternative to medications and surgery.

Final words

Knowing the benefits of this non-invasive treatment can only help you decide on whether or not to give it a try. People who have made chiropractic massage a part of their daily routine will swear by it. If you want to experience relief from your pain and discomfort without going under the needles or knives, chiropractic massage may be the right choice.



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