Dangers of Sitting For Too Long

We all know that getting daily exercise is critical for health. But recent research is beginning to show just how unhealthy extreme sedentary behavior really is. Specifically, it seems that too much sitting can actually be very problematic, especially for back health. Our chiropractor staff at O’Dell Family Chiropractic wants to instill healthy habits in all our patients, young and old, to help people avoid the known risks associated with something as commonplace and seemingly innocent as sitting for too long. 

Excessive Sitting May be Hurting Your Back: Here’s How

Too much sitting can cause or worsen neck and back pain. It can also lead to pain and dysfunction in your extremities, too. Here are a few specific reasons why: 

  • Sitting = stiffness: prolonged bouts of sitting can lead to stiffness in your joints, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues, which can cause discomfort in its own right and may increase your risk of injury during physical exercise
  • Sitting leaves many of your muscles and tendons in shortened positions; this can alter the normal length of such muscles and lead to abnormal tension and flexibility problems that strain your spine and pelvis
  • Biomechanical models have actually shown that more tension and force is exerted on your spine while you are sitting compared to standing or lying down; the increase in sustained pressure that occurs during prolonged sitting can impair the flow of nutrients and blood to/from the spinal discs, which may increase their risk of injury (herniation, bulge, and/or chronic degeneration)
  • Sitting also tends to promote poor posture, including a forward head, slouched and rounded shoulders, and a bent over back; in time, this can lead to problems including headaches, shoulder pain and other issues with your extremities, chronic neck and back pain, and more

Do You Sit at Work a Lot? Our Chiropractor Team Can Help

If you have a desk job, spend a lot of time in your car, or simply are concerned about your daily physical exercise habits, then we invite you to give our chiropractor team a call here at O’Dell Family Chiropractic. We can provide simple, natural, and drug-free solutions to relieve your back pain and neck pain, while also providing you with practical tools and tips to avoid excessive sitting, improve your workplace ergonomics, increase your exercise tolerance, and improve your overall function. 

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