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after Spinal Fusion Surgery

In some cases, patients who have undergone spinal fusion surgery are still able to receive adjustments. The spine is a difficult area of the body that requires constant care and attention. For those with spinal disease or other issues, chiropractic treatments may offer relief from symptoms such as pain in the neck or back, numbness, weakness in an extremity, and more.

Furthermore, O’Dell Family Chiropractic provides treatments to people with various health conditions. We have excellent success rates that are backed by our team’s decades worth of experience.

What is Spinal Adjustment?

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Chiropractic manipulation is a therapeutic technique that uses the application of pressure to realign and loosen joints. Chiropractors are qualified medical practitioners who use this treatment for ailments such as back pain or other mechanical function issues. It’s important to see one right away if these symptoms persist because they can lead to severe injuries, even death.

Dr. O’Dell is a highly skilled chiropractor who has expertise in performing spinal adjustments. He views a person as a whole and uses a holistic approach in addressing any health conditions. 

Historically, chiropractors believed that a misaligned spinal column could cause disease. The theory was formulated through innate knowledge. Chiropractors believed in the significance of the central nervous system to the function of the whole body.

The theory was called the vertebral subluxation complex. Early practitioners believed 95% of diseases were caused this way, but later research demonstrated that less than 1 percent of all cases are linked to vertebral malalignment.

What is Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure to permanently connect two or more vertebrae in the spine. It eliminates motion between them and may involve techniques designed to mimic the usual healing of broken bones, such as placing bone pieces within the space between these spinal joints. Metal plates, screws, and rods are typically used by surgeons during this process so that they can heal into one solid unit with time from surgical intervention.

Spinal fusion is a successful treatment for fractures, deformities, or instability in the spine. In some studies, the results are diverse, especially when the cause of back pain is unknown. In many cases, spinal fusion isn’t any better than nonsurgical treatments for nonspecific back pain.

The Safety of Chiropractic Adjustments After A Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Not every person who has had neck or back surgery is prohibited from visiting a chiropractor. Most people require precise care after having these types of surgeries. They should be seeing their doctor as soon as possible to get the relief they deserve.

Chiropractic can care be very beneficial for anyone who has had a neck or back surgery and is unsure of what they should do to improve their health. O’Dell Family Chiropractic uses low-dose digital x-rays, which allow our chiropractors to know the exact structure and condition of your spine when you come in for an adjustment appointment. They apply gentle adjustments so that patients feel confident about how chiropractors are helping with pain relief from previous surgeries.

To know the exact structure and condition of your spine, we use gentle techniques. We may stay away from the area surrounding surgery, but it still positively affects regions above or below that.

The spine has been altered after surgery. The motion will be affected whether something was added, removed, or fused in the surgery process. Long-term poor mechanics can lead to uneven wear and tear on different parts of the body like your vertebrae and discs because they are being shifted from their regular positions by spinal fusion hardware that’s still inserted into them after a post-surgery period. Chiropractic care with adjustments could help maintain the integrity of some segments’ motions. There is more protection against complications, such as degeneration or arthritis. Complications may arise later down the road due to these changes in biomechanics caused by surgery.

A recent case study shows that adjusting the spine to relieve pain can be a successful treatment for some patients who have chronic back issues. In three cases, spinal manipulation was tolerated without significant adverse effects. Each patient experienced relief from their post-surgical pain and improved ability in daily activities such as walking, sitting, or climbing stairs.



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