Sports Injuries

The type of sports games you play greatly influences the injury types you could incur. The movements required for each game puts stress and strain on different parts of your body. No matter the type of sports injury you develop, however, chiropractors can provide ongoing care throughout the recovery period and beyond.


Baseball puts immense stress on the upper body. You could injure yourself while throwing, hitting or catching the ball. Shoulder dislocations, ligament tears and elbow strain are all extremely common at the casual and professional levels of this sport. Chiropractic treatments of these conditions help reduce pain, restore range of motion and build strength.  


Soccer, on the other hand, puts the most strain on the back and lower body. Most injuries occur from accidentally colliding with other players and hitting the ground at an unnatural angle. Ligament sprains and tears, especially of the anterior cruciate ligament, are also commonly diagnosed in soccer players. Chiropractic care can help restore joint mobility, flexibility and strength to not only treat this condition, but also prevent it in the future.


The fast-paced game of basketball puts the entire body at risk. As a basketball player, you could injure everything from your fingers and toes to your back and neck. Quick twists and turns can damage your knee, just like in soccer. If you do acquire a basketball injury, you can recover quickly with help from a chiropractor. Manual adjustments, traction and massage therapy work together to eliminate pain and discomfort from these injuries.

Obtaining Chiropractic Care in the Webster as well as Henrietta and Brighton areas in Rochester, NY

At O’Dell Family Chiropractic, you can obtain chiropractic care for a quick recovery from sports injuries. Whatever your game of choice, you can rely on your chiropractors to keep your body moving at its best, even after a serious sports injury. Chiropractors will create a treatment plan designed to relieve pain and restore mobility as quickly as possible. With chiropractic care, your sports injuries will heal fully without lasting complications.

Have you ever suffered a sports injury pain that required chiropractic care?



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