Spring Time Means Allergies for Many People

Since spring time is here, we wanted to remind you that our chiropractors at O’Dell Family Chiropractic can relieve your seasonal allergies. Learn how we use chiropractic therapy to reduce the suffering you feel and treat allergies naturally, restoring your optimal state of wellness. 

Reduce Allergy Symptoms with Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor can reduce the symptoms of allergies – such as sneezing, watery eyes, or runny nose – by soothing the immune system and removing nervous system interference. Since our spinal adjustments promote optimal communication between the brain and the body, and awaken the body’s own healing powers, we can prevent your body from having allergic reactions to environmental pollutants such as dust mites or pollen. When your brain can communicate with your respiratory system and immune system, you will experience fewer allergy symptoms. 

Our adjustments also balance your body’s production of histamine, an inflammatory, with cortisol, a natural anti-inflammatory. The adrenal gland controls the production of these hormones, and chiropractic directly influences adrenal function. Spinal manipulation will soothe the inflammation and reduce the intensity of allergic reactions. 

We may also recommend nutrition supplements or dietary changes for you to make. By incorporating these changes, you can reduce your allergies and improve your immune health. 

Our Services for Webster, Rochester, Henrietta, and Brighton Communities

We have several services to help you realize your full health. We invite you to come see us for allergy and sinus relief, sports injury recovery, auto accident injury recovery, joint pain, chiropractic care (including pregnancy chiropractic), x-rays, spinal decompression, pain management, and weight loss. 

We always take a whole body approach to providing care. Not only do we heal the health complaint you presented with, but we will do everything we can to allow you to realize your optimal health and wellness through natural methods. If you want to regain wellness or relieve allergies without using medication, we are here to help you. 

If you have allergies, please call us and we will help you start feeling better. Use our online appointment request form or call (585) 672-9406 to schedule your next visit with our chiropractor. 



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