Understanding Fibromyalgia and How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Patients

understanding fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common pain-related conditions that people experience in their lives. It seems that the condition and the pain it brings is perpetual. Thus, people often search for alternative treatments such as Chiropractic care that will give them relief and much-needed rest. There are traditional medicines, herbal remedies, mind-body practice, and complementary treatments. When these are combined with conventional treatments, it can be extra helpful in providing relief from pain. 

What is Fibromyalgia?

what is fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a health condition that is characterized by musculoskeletal pain with sleeplessness, fatigue, mood, and memory issues. This condition is believed to amplify painful sensations as it affects how the brain processes pain signals. The symptoms that accompany widespread pain often start after a person experiences trauma, infection, surgery, or psychological stress. There are also instances when the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia accumulate overtime without any event that triggers it.    

This health problem is more prevalent in women than in men. People with fibromyalgia also experience temporomandibular joint disorders, tension headaches, anxiety, depression, and irritable bowel syndrome. 

Learning that you have fibromyalgia pain can be disheartening since there is no cure for it. But there are several medications that can help alleviate and manage symptoms. Some people also resort to relaxations, exercise, and stress-reduction practices. 

Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


The main symptoms associated with fibromyalgia is the widespread, constant dull-type of pain that lasts for three months or more. It is considered widespread because it is felt on both sides of the body, as well as above and below the waist. 

Other accompanying symptoms are the following:

  • Fatigue – people suffering from fibromyalgia often feel tired even if they just awaken from a long sleep. There are also instances wherein sleep is disrupted by pain, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and other sleep disorders.
  • Cognitive Problems – another symptom that comes with this condition is the inability of a person to focus, concentrate on mental tasks, and pay attention. It is also often referred to as the “fibro fog.”

There are also other painful conditions that seem to co-exist with fibromyalgia such as migraines, various types of headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorders, interstitial cystitis, or painful bladder syndrome.  

Alternative Treatments

medication on table with needle and blood tester  at doctors office

The accompanying symptoms of fibromyalgia can be debilitating. Unfortunately, there is no cure-all medication for this condition. There are several medicines that can help you manage your symptoms. There are patients that take more than one medicine to alleviate their pain. Depending on the symptoms, there are pills to ease pain, some to improve sleep and others to boost energy. 

These drugs range from antidepressants, pain relievers, anti-seizure and others. Each of these drugs has some side effects ranging from milk to serious.  Thus, many patients are leaning towards alternative medications for their fibromyalgia. Some alternatives include the following:


Acupuncture – this ancient medication involves the use of thin, dry needles on specific points in your skin. It will trigger release of your body’s natural pain reliever – endorphins. One session of acupuncture can increase your pain tolerance and ease your symptoms for two weeks. 


Massage – this is one of the highly-rated complementary therapy for people with fibromyalgia. Massages ease pain, lessen the need for medication, and boost your mood so you feel better. You can try out different styles that involve pressing and stroking on muscles to alleviate pain, tension and improve circulation. 

herbal medication

Herbal Medication – some people find relief and rest from this condition when they take herbal supplements and medication. However, studies on their safety is still being established. 


Mediation – mediation has been very helpful for many patients of chronically painful conditions. The body eases down for a calmer and more peaceful mode. Meditating produces brain waves connected with happiness and serenity.  

chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic Care – this practice is becoming a very popular option for fibromyalgia patients. It helps ease pressure points in the neck, back, shoulders, spine and joints. Chiropractic treatments alleviate painful injuries and headaches. It uses gentle pressure, multiple measured movements on certain areas, or quick thrusts to help realign your spine to a normal position. Adjustments in your musculoskeletal system will help your body function better.   

Ways on How Chiropractic Treatment Help Fibromyalgia Patients

chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractors use various techniques to address the needs of a patient and help them recover from their painful conditions. For fibromyalgia pain, they may initiate four ways of focusing on whole body wellness. These are the following:

Adjustments – chiropractic adjustments helps realign the musculoskeletal system and fix the connection of the nervous system and nerves all over the body. It typically resets the nervous system so your mind and body can process pain properly. In most cases, fibromyalgia sufferers feel pain because the brain receives inaccurate pain signals, thus they feel it all over their body. 

Physical Therapy – fibromyalgia can cause severe pain in the muscles that patients stop moving or exercising. You can lose muscle tone when you stop moving a part of your body for some time and this can worsen the condition. 

a man and woman riding bikes together

Recommend Lifestyle Adjustment –  chiropractors will not only conduct adjustments and therapies to improve the condition of your body and alleviate your pain. They will also recommend some adjustments in your lifestyle to move forward towards holistic healing. It may include exercises and additional physical activities especially for patients who spend more time working at their desks. 

bowl of greens and a drink near a computer

Recommend Nutritional Changes – nutrition is also an important part of treatment. Proper nutrition and adjusting your diet will help improve your condition and alleviate pain and symptoms. Often chiropractors will discuss potential diet and nutritional changes. They may recommend supplements and essential food items that will work in conjunction with the treatments in pursuit of holistic wellness. 

How Chiropractic Treatments Help Fibromyalgia Patients

chiro adjustment shoulder

Chiropractic care has shown significant improvements in pain relief for fibromyalgia patients. There is reduced pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs after the first session. This treatment option does not require medication thus, it is considered as one of the best for these types of condition. The following benefits make chiropractic treatments an optimal method for fibromyalgia. 

Decreased Pain Level

Constant pain is one of the most challenging issues experienced by patients with fibromyalgia. It affects the whole body for a long period often taking months to finally subside. Though patients seek care for the pain, they realize that this treatment method also helps them get back to their normal condition. Spine adjustments improve alignment and incorporate some soft tissue work.

Increase Range of Motion

Chiropractic treatments adjust the joints and help loosen it, thus patients have an increased range of motion and easier movement after a session. For some it can take several treatments to notice an improvement, but everything will be worth the time as you see the outcome over time.  

Better Sleep Quality

Fibromyalgia patients often experience lack of sleep because of the pain they feel all over their body. Some even wake up feeling tired, irritable and foggy after taking several hours of sleep. With chiropractic care, patients can achieve deeper and better sleep quality. Reduced pain also allows them to sleep longer. 

Complements Other Treatments

Conventional medication often counteracts when mixed together. There are also some with negative side effects. An advantage of alternative methods such as chiropractic care is that it goes well with conventional, traditional or natural remedies. If you suffer from fibromyalgia, consult with your doctor first before seeking alternative treatment.  

Empowering Patients with Painful Conditions

Suffering from chronic pain that is felt everywhere in your body can be an overwhelming experience. It can be exasperating to try various treatments and find little or no relief for your situations. It can add more stress and cause depression to some patients. With chiropractic care, a patient slowly comes out of feeling stressed and depressed. Feeling better every after a session makes them feel more incharge of their situation and optimistic about their recovery. 

Chiropractic care and treatment has become a valuable tool in helping people manage symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. However, patients must also remain committed to their session schedules for them to see the benefits of reduced pain, better mobility and longer, deeper sleep. The best benefits of this method is that it allows patients to have more control on their condition. And it is essential in helping them recover their sense of personal well-being. 

Visit Yentz Family Chiropractic for Your Fibromyalgia Pain

If you have loved ones suffering from this painful condition, you can extend your support to them by finding alternative treatment for their condition. The 

Yentz Family Chiropractic at the MaxLiving Health Center is a go-to center for people who experience pain and discomfort related to their musculoskeletal system. They provide services that can help alleviate fibromyalgia pain and eventually help patients manage their condition. It is headed by Dr Yentz, an experienced Chiropractor who has worked with athletes and various patients. 

The center provides spinal correction, spinal care services at home, scientifically based exercise programs, nutritional adjustment and recommendations.  Their aim is to give not only efficient care and treatment, but they pursue a holistic wellness approach to empower each patient and achieve their health goals. Don’t let your loved one deal with their pain alone. Consult with our chiropractors and allow us to help them recover. 



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