Waist Loss Program

Our chiropractor, Dr. Norman O’Dell, and Kathryn Gray, would like to help you lose weight and improve your health through our ‘Waist’ loss program.  The reason we call it a waist loss program is that our participants lose most of their weight in their waists.

O’Dell Family Chiropractic’s Waist Loss Program for Health and Wellness in Webster and Rochester – Henrietta and Brighton

When many people think of going on a diet, they think of eliminating the foods they love, eating foods they do not like and dealing with constant hunger.  Here at O’Dell Family Chiropractic, serving Henrietta and Brighton, our chiropractor offers a better approach to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.  Our ‘Waist’ loss program is designed to let you eat the foods you love while improving the quality of your diet.  The result is weight loss and an improvement in your overall health and wellness.

Benefits of the Waist Loss Program with our Chiropractors in Webster and Rochester

Our chiropractors in Webster as well as Henrietta and Brighton in Rochester, NY offer a weight loss class where you can learn about eating healthy and how to apply this knowledge to your own nutritional program.  Our ‘Waist’ loss program is not about completely eliminating foods or entire food groups in order to lose excess weight quickly and return to your previous eating habits.  Instead, it is about eating healthier by learning about the benefits of low glycemic diet and modifying certain behaviors so that you can eat healthy for life and keep the weight off.

As you progress through the program and increase your knowledge of health and wellness by eating a nutritious diet, you will notice a change in your body composition and an increase in your energy levels.

Each of our classes is taught by our chiropractor, Dr. O’Dell, and Kathryn Gray.  To learn more about our ‘Waist’ loss program and to sign up for a class, call us at (585) 672-9406.  We serve the areas of Webster, Rochester, Henrietta and Brighton.

Are you read to eat healthy and lose weight with our ‘Waist’ loss program?



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