What is Sciatica?

Many people think of sciatica as a condition that only strikes senior citizens. The truth is, older people only make up a small percentage of those who have to live with this pain. It’s common among young pregnant women, people of all ages who stand on their feet a lot at work, and those who have to bend frequently during the day. Regardless of your age or gender, you’re in danger of going through a painful bout of sciatica at any time.

It starts with a shooting pain starting low in your back, and continues down past one buttock and down the leg. Some people only experience the pains going down to their thighs, while others feel it all the way to their heels. It can be an annoyance in the lightest cases, but for serious examples it can put you in bed, unable to walk because of the pain. Chiropractic medicine is particularly suited for relieving the pain of sciatica, simply because of the cause of all that pain.

Our Chiropractor Who Can Help

Sciatica happens when the sciatic nerve gets pinched between two spinal discs. When you stand up the discs push together, compressing the nerve which creates shooting pain. Sitting or laying down can temporarily relieve the pain, but unless the underlying cause is corrected, it will come back as soon as you get back on your feet.

Our doctor, Dr. Norman O’Dell, has been a practicing chiropractor for almost 25 years. His treatment of your sciatica pains will consist of spinal manipulation to move the discs apart and release the nerve, relieving the pinching which causes so much pain. A course of treatment will consist of a series of manipulations, and Dr. O’Dell will also recommend strengthening exercises to help prevent the pain from happening again as well as lifestyle changes which may improve your general quality of life.

If you’re experiencing a shooting pain that comes and goes reaching from your back down your leg, call our offices in Webster and Rochester which serves the Henrietta and Brighton areas in NY for a evaluation or appointment at (585) 672-9406.



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